It is time to learn Arduino!

Let`s meet Arduino!

Before you start creating an Arduino project, you should be familiar with the hardware. Arduino is a micro-controller not a mini-computer like Raspberry Pi. It can be powered using a battery pack and used to develop hardware. Arduino runs the one code you uploaded only.

There are various Arduino board types, but Arduino Uno is the one when you get the Arduino Starter Kit.

USB port: It is used for power connection and code upload.

Power connector: If the board is not plugged into a USB port, then this is the place for power connection.

Reset button: This button resets the microcontroller.

Arduino board


ATmega microcontroller: This is the essence of the board.

Digital pins: digitalRead(), digitalWrite(), analogWrite() functions can be used with these digital pins. You can use the pins with the PWM symbol (~) here. 

Analog in: analogRead() can be used here.

GND and 5V pins: These pins are used for 5V power and ground for the circuit.

Arduino board


Power LED: It shows that the board has power.

TX and RX LEDs: They are showing the communication between the Arduino board and the computer it is connected. You can see them flicking during code upload.

Pin 13 LED: This LED is useful for debugging.

That`s all you need to know for now! Happy exploring!

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