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Grove - Moisture Sensor

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This Moisture Sensor can be used to detect how moist soil.

This sensor is very simple to use, you insert in into the soil and read the data. With this sensor in the right project, your plants can let you know when it's time to water them.


  • Soil moisture sensor based on soil resistivity measurement
  • Easy to use
  • 2.0 cm X 6.0 cm grove module


  • Botanical Gardening
  • Moisture Sensoring
  • Consistency Measurement

Technical Details:

Dimensions 60mm x20mm x6.35mm
Weight G.W 10g
Battery Exclude
Operating voltage 3.3~5V
Operating current 35mA
Sensor Output Value in dry soil 0~ 300
Sensor Output Value in humid soil 300~700
Sensor Output Value in water 700 ~ 950
PCB size 2.0cm X 6.0cm